Cloud Cover

by Jack Swing

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A labor of love, the testaments of friendship. A journey through the valley of rock and roll.


released December 31, 2016

Lyrics, guitars, and vocals: Isaiah Ross
Drums: Conner Kapelewski
Recorded mixed and mastered by: Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings



all rights reserved


Jack Swing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: A Reminder
I knew it, yep I knew it
Could've guessed, should've guessed, could've blew threw it.
I'm frozen,
There's no words when you start going
In my mind
I can't hide

I can't hide or decide whether or not it's fine that you do

By the wayside,
I leave it all that's where it lies
Lay by my side
Never mind I don't want the loose ties
Track Name: Hazy Days
The silent doomsday hiding beneath me,
Erupting flames,
Losing track of reality,
And I'm gone
Not for long.

Draw the line
Tracks I'll cover mine,
Doing fine,
Oh this mind of mine

How's it go when the past gets caught in mirrors?
As time unfolds, the path erodes and that's clear.

That's clear,
We're ruled by fear.

Draw the line,
Tracks I'll cover mine,
Doing fine,
And I don't care to know
Track Name: Cloud Cover (A Space Disco)
I bet if I did better by myself
In time I'm bound to get something right.
Get less uptight.
Cause we're running out of time.
Or are we blind?

Don't expose your back.
Cause while you're not, they're quick to attack.
See no evil, see through people.

You wanna take me down,
I get it, I haven't been around.
I wanna shake em down,
And tear through the seams of sound.

I don't buy that will had died.
I don't claim to words of fame to
Lead a life
I'll handle mine,
No I won't claim to.

I know why you tend to break,
Drop the sky right on top of me.
Track Name: Blurry Definitions
Time consuming thoughts are brewing now,
Leave them stewing,
I know how this pans out

Oh the lulls of this world of sound.
Tiny pulls hold me off the ground.

Broken by,
I don't know lack of focus,
Lack of drive,
The will to know when to forget

Drop all connection,
Mock your direction,
And I can't take being this cold.
Now here we are,
both dealt our cards,
was I wrong to be so bold?

Satisfied when I'm alone and out of circuit
But one can hide for just so long before they're broken.

By the time that I'm through with whatever it is that I'm doing
I'll be onto things that I can't write.